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Jenness Beach

The flat shoreline of Jenness Beach spells safety and fun. This family beach destination includes a bathhouse and lifeguards. Summers have cars lined up along the roadside. Happily with two access points to the beachfront, it is full of residents and vacationers - sunbathing, swimming and picnicking.

This great location on the Atlantic ocean-front has a wide sandy beach offering visitors a great time. Fact is its been a favored destination for generations. Among the attractions here the Whale and Island Cruises offer whale-watching excursions and sights of the historic Isles of Shoals which are a nine-island group. Additionally sighting finback, humpback, minke and dolphin make for thrilling sea escapades.

Visitors also love Fuller Gardens that boast of a wonderful conservatory, a magnificent rose garden, a Japanese garden along with several perennials on display. What you might also love is the Eel Pond close by thats a 30-acre warmwater body of water that supports white perch. The ocean front here makes for pleasurable times especially in the summers and around Fall.