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Rye North Beach

Rye North Beach, the gem on the New Hampshire coastline is especially for those wanting tranquility. Its true. Away from the crowds its a made-to-order beach. This segment of the coastline is precious rare.

Rye North Beach offers splendid respite. No New Hampshire coastal location will leave you feeling as relaxed as time spent on this peaceful beach. More so if you are keen to laze it out. It remains a great getaway location with its sandy beach thats ideal for swimming and picnicking. There is a bathhouse and lifeguards.

If you are onto camping then you'd be happy to hear of the campgrounds close by. The way the water touches this slice of shore leaves you spellbound. Get awed by the magnificence of the ocean waters at close quarters. Dipping in the Atlantic Ocean is just so much fun.

But if you feel like doing more then the golf course is just the thing for you. Breakfast Hill Golf Club and Portsmouth Country Club are close at hand. There is other stuff to do if you are in the mood. A great place to visit would be the Seal Rocks in the vicinity.