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Seabrook Beach

Amongst the public access beaches of New Hampshire, Seabrook Beach continues to be a hidden pleasure spot. Quite scenic its located near to Hampton Beach and very close to the Massachusetts border. This low-key, sandy beach has grassy dunes along its five mile length. You just can't ignore the seascape here.

Its pretty shoreline makes for a lovely walking beach that you seem to have all to yourself and perhaps the seagulls. If you love quiet little beaches then this is it. Very inviting, the waters here appear nice and calm. But may not always be so. The surf's been up here for very many years with surfing gaining popularity.

And not just in the summers. Wet suits make surfing possible all year round. This might just be the place to enjoy surfing. More and more people are riding the waves in good old Seabrook. At times it may not be just about catching a wave. You can sit on your board for hours and not catch a decent wave, but still feel its been a good day.

The beach itself is small and clean and never really crowded. You also get to enjoy the local atmosphere here especially the scrumptious seafood. Look forward to a relaxing time that will keep the smile on your face alive.