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Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge

With terrains such as salt-water marshes, freshwater ponds, tree-laden wetlands and lush, open fields, Great Bay is home to just about every species known to the region. There are a vast number of birds, migratory and those in year round residence. Bald eagles and a wide range of wild ducks are a couple rare examples.

Besides stalking the trails and platforms in search of these rare creatures, visitors are welcome to partake in boating, hiking, fishing and more. Onsite ponds allow for interesting perspectives, unseen from predestined pathways. The visitors center offers keen insight into the region’s upkeep, citing the importance of varying environments.

Each successive season offers drastically different attractions, but the most popular time of year is autumn. Nature devotees come out in droves to witness the seasonal shift as trees are adorned with blazing reds and yellows.