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Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

An interesting passage of the Appalachian Trail runs through this west New Jersey slice of land. Multiple day hikes and longer jaunts are available on the sixty miles of rocky trails. The “gap” was formed over thousands of years by the flow of water and now sits at somewhere around a mile in width, past either of the current banks. Eastern hemlocks jet upward throughout the area, and you can take a short detour to see the harmonious Silverthread or Dingmans Falls, two interesting natural formations.

The campgrounds here are fairly hospitable, providing all the normal amenities, and the activities allow something for any taste. With the untouched scenery, it’s hard to imagine getting bored. Besides canoeing and kayaking, which is excellent, the park offers snowmobiling, skiing, guided tours, mountain biking, challenging hikes and climbs and more.