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White Sands National Monument

Each of the 4 main National Park hiking trails in New Mexico’s White Sands National Monument is different, but no matter which route hiker choose, they should always be prepared for hiking in the desert. That means bringing lots of water and snacks, wearing appropriate walking shoes, sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses.

The Alkali Flat Trail is a 4.6 mile round-trip through the Heart of the Sands, up and over dunes to the edge of the Alkali Flats. This trail is for foot and horse travel only.

The Dune Life Nature Trail Distance from Visitor Center is located along the edge of the dune field and will introduce hikers to New Mexico wildlife.

The Interdune Boardwalk is a 650-yard round-trip on an elevated boardwalk. Visitors can get a close look at many of the wildflowers that grow in White Sands National Monument.

The Playa Trail Distance is a short, level trail that leads to a small playa (a shallow depression that fills temporarily with rainwater).