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Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, extends between Manhattan Beach and Coney Island on the windswept spit of land at the southwestern end. It is surrounded by Corbin Place from east, Neptune Avenue from north, Ocean Parkway from the west, and to the south by the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most cleaner spots in New York. This is the best place for those who want to carve the sun and relax, when you cannot make down to the Caribbean.

Unlike the boardwalks of other beaches, Brighton Beach boardwalk has no attractions and amusements, as it is a neighborhood whose backyard is the Atlantic Ocean. It gives the impression of suburban peace. But this impression comes to an end, when you reach the end of the boardwalk and leave the sea and sand for the bustle of Brighton Beach.

On Brighton Beach, you can find reflections of Russian culture and lifestyle. It is very much social and centered around family and friends. One can find groups of older Russian women sitting on chairs outside their apartment houses and, on cool evenings, multi-generational groups of families will be seen along the wide boardwalk, making it a busy place. One can hear more Russian language spoken than English.

In summer, the wide white sand beach is protected by lifeguards, but you have to be careful to look for flags marking sections without lifeguards before entering the water. The Brighton Beach is an ocean front beach with large waves and tides, and sometimes rip tides. So those who are not familiar with ocean swimming, have to be careful.

In the vicinity of the beach, you can find many vendor trucks selling hot dogs, burgers, knishes, and ice cream. Locals are also seen who spend their day walking up and down the beach selling cold water, soda, and beer.