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Coney Island Beach

Earlier an island, but now Coney Island is a peninsula, located in the southernmost Brooklyn, New York City, USA, having a beach on the Atlantic Ocean. It is bordered with Seagate from west; Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach from east; and Gravesend from the north. The Atlantic Ocean is cool and the sand is full of mixed shells and rocks. There is a broad sandy beach that is wide spread from West 37th Street at Seagate through the Coney Island and Brighton Beach to the beginning of the community of Manhattan Beach, a long distance of approximately four km. It has a broad Riegelmann boardwalk at its entire length. As the beach is quite long, it is divided into 'bays', portions of beach marked by rock jetties, that hold erosion and force of ocean waves.

The Coney Island beach is groomed and maintained on a regular basis by the city. It is open to all without any restrictions and there is no charge for use. one. The beach accommodates hundreds of thousands of visitors especially during the summer, without any restrictions, and there is no charge for use. From the land slide of the board walk, a number of amusements, food shops and arcades are directly accessible.

Just for fond memories, Coney Island Beach is one of the best option for seniors. You can relax quietly on the beach, and then go towards the boardwalk to eat one of Nathan's famous original hot dogs. There are museums, gift shops and restaurants for those who are not all-day beach goers. The carnival rides at Astroland and the most exciting roller coaster, the Cyclone, are the most popular attractions of Coney Island.

There is a thin line of demarcation between the Coney Island Beach and the Brighton Beach. You can easily find out whether you are at the Coney Island Beach or Brighton Beach. If you walk northeast along Coney, the beach becomes Brighton and on the boardwalk the restaurants are filled with Russians and Slavic cuisine. The nearer you get to Brighton Beach the more it feel like some far away Russian seaside town.