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Main Beach

East Hampton, an incorporated village in Suffolk County, New York, is located on the South Shore of the South Fork of eastern Long Island. This is a wealthy community popular not only for its green fields, but also for its scenic, absolutely gorgeous and panoramic beaches.

Main Beach, East Hampton is one of the all time favorites, because of its clean white sands, accessibility and connection to the mainland. The urban shores of East Hampton-Main Beach are considered best for fishing, surfing, swimming and other beach activities. The beach is awesome and just like the other village beaches, there are available well trained lifeguard on duty. The garbage is cleaned regularly and the firework shows are quite magnificent.

Almost all of the village beaches have relatively less parking space, which limits the crowd size. Parking is limited to fifteen minutes or needs a parking sticker indicating residency. The parking is banned from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the residential streets near the beaches. But there are no restrictions for visitors who come at the beach via bike, foot or being dropped off. Wildlife, such as piping plover, can be seen making their home on the beach.

The Main Beach is open to tourists in all the seasons. In fall the cool winds and fog with clean days are gloomy and beautiful; In winter, the snowy and freezing winds are very refreshing; In spring it's cold, but not crowded by tourists, and in summer the beach is full of sun umbrellas and noisy families.

The lush greens, pure sands and crystal waters of East Hampton's Main Beach is graded sixth rank among America's Top Ten beaches, by 'Dr. Beach' Stephen B. Leatherman a professor of environmental studies and a well versed beach specialist.