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North Dakota Maah Daah Hey Trail

Trail Description:

The Maah Daah Hey Trail is a 97.2 mile hiking, horseback and mountain bicycle trail that traverses through the scenic and rugged North Dakota badlands. The trail passes through the Little Missouri National Grasslands, as well as State and private land, as it connects the North and South Units of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Hiking the Maah Daah Hey Trail:


  • The trails are closed to all motorized vehicles.
  • Bicycles are not allowed on the Maah Daah Hey trail as it passes through Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The Buffalo Gap Trail is an alternative route around the park boundary for cyclists.
  • Camping is prohibited on private and state land.
  • Close any gates that you open.
  • Stock users must use weed seed free hay or feed in order to reduce the risk of exotic/noxious plant introduction.
  • Artifacts and other cultural features are protected by Federal Law. DO NOT COLLECT OR DISTURB.
  • Pack out all trash and other materials. Burying trash is prohibited.
  • Do NOT wash dishes or use detergents in water sources.
  • For proper sanitation make toilets in a shallow hole 200 feet or more from camp, water sources, and trail.
  • For your safety, DO NOT APPROACH OIL AND GAS FACILITIES; poison gases may be present.
  • Users must stay on the trail when crossing private and state land.
    • Specific Hiking and Trail Information for the Maah Daah Hey Trail

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