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Bowman Haley Lake

Bowman-Haley lake is formed at the confluence of spring creek, alkali creek and north fork grand river. The lake has 17 miles of scenic shoreline to please its visitors. The V-shaped bowman-Haley lake offers recreational activities round the year. The activities which are arranged here are camping,boating and fishing. The lake is surrounded by 6,720 acres of prairie creeks and rolling uplands which serves as heaven for a wide variety of wild life and waterfowl. Close-by the lake one can also enjoy horseback riding, hunting, water sports, wild life viewing and winter sports. The beauty and easy accessibility to the lake make it even more attractive for the visitors. Fishes like brown trout,rainbow trout, channel catfish, largemouth bass ,small mouth bass, northern pike and walleye make the bowman-Haley lake as their home. The lake hosts a free fishing day sponsored by Tri-state peace officers organization which is attended by around 1000 youths and adults. There is also an increase in the deer population which has again helped to attract people here. Be careful while coming to the lake because may be you would not like to back home.