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Harker Lake

Harker Lake, a shallow glacial lake located in kidder county is stretched 5 km south of Dawson town. It is completely surrounded by the wetlands and marshes of the Slade national wildlife refuge. The public access to this place is limited. The migratory waterfowl in the marshes have attracted many hunters to this place. The harker lake is full of the waterfowl birds nine months out of a year. And so this period of the year is the most crowded one in the year. The other common species are Canada geese,Mallards,snow geese, ring-necked pheasants,sharp tailed grouse and the Hungarian partridges. The white tailed deer are very commonly seen around the lake. The authorities have created a grassland around the perimeter of the lake with the help of introduced grasses and legumes. The wild life view around the lake attracts people over and over again. It is a real treat for eyes to see so many wild species all at the same time.