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Jamestown Reservoir

The Jamestown Reservoir is located in central North Dakota and provides flood protection to the areas downstream. The reservoir is on the James river a tributary of Missouri river. The reservoir covers 2,095 acres and 45 miles of shoreline. It features a modern campground open for public 7 days a week with overnight camping. There is abundant population of fishes in the reservoir. The fishes are pike, walleye, crappie, bluegill,small mouth, muskie and bull head. Jamestown Reservoir is a beautiful lake allowing boating, camping, birding and biking. The reservoir is charming and situated close to Jamestown dam. Golfers can enjoy at Jamestown country club. The pipestem creek is close by and worth looking at. Camping at Smokey's campsite is always a great experience. The other activities offered on the reservoir include hunting, lodging, picnic, water sports and recreational vehicles. All those who come up to Jamestown dam also land up here to enjoy the artificial reservoir made up appear so real.