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Star Tower

Star Tower is a digital television and FM radio transmitting tower on Winton Road near North Bend Road in the College Hill neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio.The three-legged lattice tower stands 956 feet (291.4 m) high. It was built for WSTR-TV, known as "Star64". Its appearance is evocative of the Eiffel Tower.

An omnidirectional antenna atop Star Tower transmits the signal of owner WSTR-TV,while a number of FM radio stations, including WREW, WGRR, and WYGY  also broadcast from the tower. WRRM has a backup antenna located on this tower, their primary is on the WXIX tower closer to the center of Cincinnati.
The Landmark Tower Company, which built Star Tower using a Sikorsky S-64 helicopter, was responsible for several similar structures around the country, including the Mesquite Tower in Mesquite, Texas; the Hughes Memorial Tower in Washington, D.C.; and at a smaller scale, WPXR-TV's analog antenna on Poor Mountain in Virginia. A small version of the tower can be found atop the Energy Plaza skyscraper in downtown Dallas, used by TXU for its communications needs.