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Carland Beach

Ohio is one of the best place for the beach folks. Carland Beach, as such is not very popular for many visitors, but coming to a beach, induces a good feeling, and it is such a cool thing to do, and is one of the best place to do that. The waters of the beach touching the shoreline, makes an amazing and heart throbbing scene.

There are a lot many activities being conducted on the Carland Beach. You can enjoy boating, golfing, whitewater paddling, and fishing, along with swimming. There is no chance that you can get bored, or there is nothing to do. This beach provides all. Camping can be done at places quite near the Carland Beach. There are not many accommodations near by, but if you are ready to drive a small distance, then you can find some small hotels. But for those, prior reservation is essential, otherwise you may have to sleep in your recreation vehicle.

Close to Carland Beach is the most amazing Maumee Bay State Park. It is full of beautiful water scenes. The Dry Tree Point and the Maumee Mooring Basin are few of the best places in this state park. While visiting this park , both these places must never be missed. Most visitors come from Toledo, and Collins Park Golf Course , Bayview Retirees Golf Course, golf courses just close to it. Those interested in whitewater paddling can go and visit the Maumee River, just in the vicinity of Carland Beach.