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Erie Beach

Erie Beach, located in Lucas county, Ohio is not a very crowdy location, but you can find different segments of shore having sufficient traffic. Among all the shoreline, the shore of lake Erie beach is one of the best shoreline having shinning water. Most common activities that can be done on the the Erie beach are boating, golfing, fishing, whitewater paddling, and swimming. Because of all these ,it is quite impossible that one can get bored. It is an exciting piece of shore.

Ohio is one such state, that has huge number of beaches. And just because of this, you would not get bored. For those who are interested in camping, you can put your own tents at nearby campgrounds. The accommodation facilities is not very much near the beach, so it is always safe to do prior reservations, to avoid confusion. One going to the Erie beach, can find many local places of tourist attractions. You can also go to the Maumee Bay State Park, and Lamb Beach, which are good places to explore. You can also visit Carland Beach, Toledo, which is quite close to Erie beach. Those who like to enjoy whitewater paddling, have an option to go to Portage River. You can also find a round of golf at nearby Chippewa Golf Club & is a wonderful way to kill some time.

The temperature during long summer days reaches in the 80's, and during summer nights goes till the 60's. During winter, the day temperature reaches 30's; while nighttime lows in the 10's. It is said that r Erie Beach is a good place of typical rain. You can find heavy rains during June, and dry in January.