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Nickel Plate Beach

Nickel Plate beach is a slice of shoreline located in the Erie county, Ohio. This is the tourist spot to visit during the warm months of summer. It is one of the most populated travel spot. At his spot, you would never feel alone and lonely, because you can find loads of folks coming next to the water. Popping by the beach is one of the most popular activity to do.

Close to the beach you can find some splendid and awesome accommodations. The only thing is that, in order to avoid the reservation problems, the best option is to make prior booking in one of the best hotels, otherwise you would have to enjoy your night in your car. Those who enjoy pitching their tents in the sand, Nickel plate beach is the best option. It has many campgrounds near the section of shore.

Just close to the Nickel Plate beach, you can find the Vermilion River, which is a nice whitewater paddling spot, and you can always enjoy on the beach at Main Street Beach. Look around, you will find the East Turning Basin, fro where you can see Huron River flowing through its neighborhood.

At the Nickel Plate Beach, you can explore the Marblehead Lighthouse State Park, and if the weather allows, you can go for a hike along the Wetlands Trail. Most of the visitors are from Sandusky, coming from the Anchor Point. Playing golf is a quite interesting work to do, at the Thunderbird Hills Golf Course.