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Broken Bow Lake

Broken Bow Lake is a man made lake located on Mountain fork river. Being the largest lake in Oklahoma the place serves to be a popular tourist destination for locals and visitors. The unusual beauty and scenic appeal invites all sorts of nature lovers. The Lake is situated at the back of Ouachita Mountain. The dense forests of the mountain have many birds native to the area and watching them is a pleasure to the eyes of bird watchers.

The hikers can enjoy the trails, Big Oak Nature trail and the Beaver Lodge Nature Trail. The other trail is located to the south of the mountain and winds along a clear stream through a valley surrounded by pine covered hills. The parks located nearby gives the visitors an excellent opportunity for a complete family outdoor. The recreational activities like boat launching ramps, camping, picnicking make the complete experience much more interesting. The cedar creek golf course is another attraction close to the lake and it is the most scenic golf course in the state.