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Cedar Lake North Shore

Oklahoma is a great place with many beautiful lakes and beaches. A trip to this place without spending some time on the beach will not be complete. The outdoors here on Cedar Lake south shore are plentiful so that no one is bored. The activities offered on this shore includes fishing, whitewater paddling, swimming, boating and hiking. There are nearby campgrounds where you can pitch tents and get the real camping feel. You won't spot great crowds on this beach but it is a magnificent place to visit. The top of Snake Mountains can be easily seen from the shore. Boardstand trail is a popular trail near the shore. Kiamichi River is very good for white water paddling. Red Lick creek in the vicinity of cedar lake is a pleasure to visit. For bikers Billy creek trail is splendid. The cedar lake south shore is a delightful outdoor paradise.

Cedar Lake north shore in Le Flore county is the best place to spend time outdoors. The beach is not congested and so spending time here is exceptional fun. The water meeting the coastline is a lovely sight. A hike trail on Little Eagle Trail and visiting some great white water spots on Big Creek are truly inviting. Cedar lake dam is an attention grabbing place. One can get into a kayak in Kiamichi River and take a look at Billy Creek Trail. Red lick creeks is one of the streams close by which is worth visiting.