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Beach 1

Beach 1 is the conveniently located first beach that you come across as you enter the sandy peninsula on Lake Erie. It is very popular since visitors turn to it naturally as soon as they get here. It cuts out any further driving and with plentiful parking available here you look forward to begin to unwind.

Beach 1 has a long sandy shore with lots of space to spread around on the beach. Equipped with restrooms and changing places, there are outdoor showers too to rinse off the sand after swimming. Its a good idea to pack picnic gear since there are no concession stands at this beach. And so the picnic tables here are very handy. But when it gets crowded you may have to make a grab for them.

And it does get very crowded here in the season that may often extend beyond summer until the arrival of the first flurries in the winter. Immensely popular with both families and singles, Beach 1 is protected from east winds, making it a sheltered spot. The winsome sunset makes way for chilly evenings once the sun goes down here. Its a guarded beach with bathhouse and parking facilities.

The good thing about Beach 1 is that there are not any jetty areas. This can be quite interesting in case of strong breezes or storms that can be observed real up close. Beach 1 is a huge expanse of sand and interestingly beach glass is found in abundance here. Visitors are delighted to behold it shimmering in the water and perchance to collect it.