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Beach 6

By all accounts Beach 6 appears to be the coolest beach on Lake Erie. This may be because it remains very popular with teenagers, particularly high-school students. The young ones make it a happening beach where the glorious sand and some wave action makes it an in beach.

Families keen on joining in with kid fun also find their way here. Its a great place for kids to find their own. With changing rooms, outdoor shower, snack bar and music coming out of the local radio station – beach 6 may turn whoopy at times adding to the fun.

You could bring your favorite beach gear. Its also a great beach for kite flying. But be careful of the rock formation or the Jetty as its known. The Jetty protects the sandy shores from beach erosion and visitors are kept off Jetty areas for their own protection.

This guarded beach houses facilities like bath house, concession stand and eight volleyball courts. But of course the sunset could be the only reason to be here providing wonderful photo ops. Its important to remember to stay within the specified areas when you are swimming. And be warned it gets cold very quickly once the sun goes down. The beach is closed once it gets dark. Beach 6 on Lake Erie certainly offers great fun and a pleasant time.