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Budny Beach

Budny Beach or Beach 10 as its commonly called is popular with boaters, kite fliers and wind surfers. This guarded beach includes a bathhouse and ample parking. Its a fun and exciting beach to visit when you go to Lake Erie.

The free beach has a concession stand that conveniently replenishes washed-out bodies with food, snacks and drinks. You will just love to spend time here in the water or on the sand. Despite huge crowds in the summer you can always find a place here since its a pretty big beach. Finding a good spot is easy enough to simply spread yourself.

Kite flying is the thing to do at this beach. This extremely popular activity is enjoyed to the hilt here with people often bringing in more than one kite to fly at the same time. And so you will see exciting and unique kites on this beach. Its an amazing sight watching all the kite-flying on windy skies beside the water.

For windsurfers Budny beach is a delightful haven. If you are a windsurfer then you will greatly enjoy this sport while you are here. And even if you are not just watching the other windsurfers is also a great way to pass time here. Bird-watching is another interesting thing to do at Budny beach. Packing binoculars would be handy to indulge in the activity if you are happy lying low.

In which case you could enjoy a good book too as you soak in the sun. Suntan lotion, sunglasses and a sun hat are essential requisites. A day at Budny Beach is full of fun and enjoyment. Make the most of it when you get here.