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Pine Tree Beach

Pine Tree Beach or Beach 9 is a largish sandy tract besides Lake Erie appearing as a piece of heaven. Your mind will readily believe Pine Tree Beach to be an ocean front shore line as you hear the waves lapping rhythmically.

This guarded beach includes facilities like the bathhouse, picnic areas and adequate parking. Sandy Pine Tree beach, washed by the clear waters has surf swimming too. This beach has picnic facilities, a picnic pavilion and a restroom. Its family fun on this sandy beach.

Water conditions change dramatically here so its best to pay heed to weather notices. The beach does offer more rugged experiences since its wider with deeper surf. There's lots more space to play ball, fly kites, launch windsurfers and even scuba dive. Bring over a picnic, take a long walk or swim to your heart's content.

Recreational scuba diving is permitted here for certified divers who have to register themselves. Skin-diving with mask, fins and snorkel is not permitted. The adventurous can even set sail to find some of the best game fishing here. Skimboard enthusiasts will find good possibilities here when the timing's right. After big storms the waves are good. In fact the waves really rock during storms, especially in the winter before the lake freezes.

Remember Beach 9 is where you will find the least number of people and the most exposure to the direct waves on lake Erie. Serious seafarers ought to avoid going on weekends as the place is really really packed.