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Artillery Company Of Newport

The Newport Artillery Company in Newport, Rhode Island was chartered in 1741 by the Rhode Island General Assembly during the reign of King George II of Britain. The Company served in wars ranging from the French and Indian War to the First World War. Individual members of the Company have served in every war fought by the United States.

Armory Building and Museum :

The Company's current armory building was constructed in 1838 on 23 Clarke Street in a Greek Revival style. The stone armory building houses a museum with an extensive collection of military uniforms from prominent individuals such as Colin Powell, William Westmoreland, Chester W. Nimitz, Anwar Sadat, Louis Mountbatten, Bernard Montgomery, King Hussein of Jordan and Prince Phillip.

The museum also contains various weapons including four bronze cannons cast for the state of Rhode Island by Paul Revere in the 1790s and a Jane Stuart painting of Washington. A letter from President George Washington to the Newport Artillery Company is currently on display at the Museum of Newport History. The Newport Artillery's Armory was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.