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Brick Schoolhouse

The Brick Schoolhouse (Meeting Street School or Providence Preservation Society) is an historic colonial meeting house and school at 24 Meeting Street in Providence, Rhode Island.

The school was built in 1768 to serve as a school and meeting place for town meetings. When Brown University moved from Warren to Providence in 1770, the building temporarily housed the school and classes were again held at the school after University Hall housed French troops during the American Revolution.

Over the next two centuries the building housed various schools including "a school for black children, a cooking school, and a fresh air school for tubercular children, the first such program in America. From 1946 to 1957, the Meeting Street School met in the Brick Schoolhouse" educating children with cerebral palsy.

The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. The building currently serves as the headquarters for the Providence Preservation Society, a group founded in 1958, which hosts various educational and community events at the property.