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Watchaug Pond

Southern Rhode Island's Watchaug Pond is a large body of water near 3,100-acre Burlingame State Park. Watchaug Pond covers 573 acres, and has a maximum depth of 36 feet and an average depth of 8 feet, making it deeper than many other Rhode Island lakes and ponds. It is an excellent habitat for bass, and the Rhode Island fishing here is very good.

Watchaug Pond is a popular recreational area that provides opportunities for pleasurable paddling. The natural, scenic beauty of it's wooded shores draws flocks of human visitors as well as Canada goose, so the off-season is the best time to visit. Early spring or late fall are both good choices, though in the late fall visitors can see large flocks of waterfowl and the occasional a bald eagle.

Watchaug Pond almost completely surrounded by Burlingame State Park. This Rhode Island State Park features campgrounds, picnicking areas, trails for hiking, and beaches for swimming.