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Broad River

The Broad River fl ows along the eastern side of the Enoree District within the Sumter National Forest. Called the Broad River since 1745, the river once was a bound ary be tween the Cherokee and Catawba Indian tribes.

The river runs through a millrace at Lockhart leaving the riverbed virtually dry for more than a mile. The best points to get onto the river are fi ve miles down river at the Broad River boat ramp or Woods Ferry Recreation area. The 16.6 mile fl oat to Neal Shoals Dam is primarily fl at-water with a few riffl es. There is a small inlet to the river on the east bank where you can portage around the dam. Once around the dam the river passes under Highway 72/121 (no access).

The Sandy River fl ows into the Broad from the east, and there is an access point just around the bend of the confl uence. South of the Sandy River is the liveliest part of the trip. Riffl es and ledges are present but the paddling is not diffi cult. The next landmark is Shelton Island, stay to the right channel. Henderson Island is next, a nice place to stop to take a break. The unusual stand of hardwoods covers a steep cove on the west bank. Take the left channel. As you travel under the bridge for High way 34 you are leaving the forest.