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Parksville Beach

Parksville Beach is located in Polk County, Tennessee. The county with a total area of 442 square miles has only 7 square miles of water with a total area of 1.65% water. Much of the terrain is mountainous and constitutes part of the southern Appalachian Mountains. Large tracts here are part of the Cherokee National Forest.

Nonetheless with so little water the Ocoee River continues to be the site for its famed whitewater rafting. The calmer Hiwasee River thats a tributary of the Tennessee River also offers rafting and tubing in its waters. It is the sandy river beaches that attract you and Parksville Beach is the outdoors at its finest. This water front has everything. You have campgrounds in close proximity.

Parksville Beach gets the crowds around summer time when it is always a nice time to visit here. You could spend time boating, swimming, fishing, whitewater paddling and hiking. There are plenty of amusements to keep you happy. Prince Branch is a stream you will love to visit and a day at charming Shady Beach close by is another great water front to have fun on.

Rymer Spring here is also worth a visit but if you are serious about whitewater paddling then you ought to head for Big Creek. If you're here at Parksville Beach, do take a tour to Indian Creek Inlet, and there's whitewater on Conasauga River for all you thrill seekers. The Azalea Trail offers wonderful hiking opportunities.

You could perhaps take a little journey to Ocoee Dam Number One since you're here at Parksville Beach. Prince Gap is a great spot to spend some time. If the weather holds then you can go for a hike along the Clemmer Trail. There sure is a lot of enjoyable stuff to do here at Parksville Beach.