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Austin Museum of Art

The Austin Museum of Art (AMOA) is Austin, Texas's primary community art museum, since it was established in 1961 as Laguna Gloria Art Museum. The museums roots date to 1943, when Clara Driscoll donated her 1916 lakeside estate in west Austin to be used "as a museum to bring pleasure in the appreciation of art to the people of Texas." AMOA-Downtown : AMOA-Downtown in Downtown Austin offers exhibitions and seminars that the museum claims are oriented towards the interests of a broad general audience. The gallery serves as the Museum's primary exhibition site and presents four to six exhibitions a year, as well as continually-changing education programs that focus on twentieth-century and contemporary art. AMOA-Laguna Gloria : The Museum still maintains its original home on the Clara Driscoll estate, where it was known for 34 years as Laguna Gloria Art Museum. AMOA-Laguna Gloria runs the Museum's Art School which offers a variety of classes in art, art history, and film.