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Lake Powell

Lake Powell, a man-made reservoir on Colorado River straddles the border between Utah and Arizona. But mostly along Rainbow Bridge in Utah. It is the second largest man-made reservoir that can store 24,322,000 acre feet of water when full. Access to the lake is limited to its developed marinas. You have to go to Lees Ferry, Wahweap, Antelope Point, Halls Crossing, Bullfrog or Hite Marina to enjoy the waters.

Lake Powell is a paradise for boating, houseboating, waterskiing, fishing, and exploring the majestic nature around Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. As part of the Glen Canyon the reservoir draws millions of visitors annually. Recreational activities include a whole lot of water based recreation. Prepared campgrounds are located at each marina. You could also choose to rent a houseboat or even bring your own camping equipment and make your own camp.

While there are no restrictions on where visitors can stay, but anyone camping further than a quarter of a mile from a marina must bring a porta-potty. The burying of human waste in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is prohibited. Pet waste must also be packed out. Interesting things that one could do here includes – tour boating, wake-boarding, enjoying remote canyons or exploring the lake’s twisting canyons from a canoe or kayak.

Lake Powell is best known for some great opportunities for houseboating! The 186-mile long lake offers sandy beaches, cool blue water, and exceptional red-rock scenery. You could either boat or hike to Rainbow Bridge, or explore any of its many canyons or sand dunes. With its lengthy shoreline Lake Powell offers great adventure for everyone.