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Balm Of Gilead Beach

Vermont is for beach folks. All the beaches on Vermont are situated on the best locales and excellent piece of shore. Those who love outdoor activities, the Balm Of Gilead is the right place for you which is in the Orleans County.

It is being a very popular and good beach remains crowded by people. The beach is all about good sand, sun and scenic beauty. Make this your family vacation this summer and enjoy the plethora of activities this place offers. One cannot miss boating and swimming in the azure waters of the beach. There are designated fishing areas near the beach for fishing enthusiasts.

There are several other activities which will keep you stuck around this place. The best advantage is the campground which is just walking distance from the beach were you can have your tent. Hiking is possible here with Mt. Pisgah local trail available. the Crystal Lake state Park is not too far from the beach and is full of fun activities.

White water paddling is possible on the two very close rivers, Barton river and Clyde river. The beach is on the strategic location and the beach itself is such an amazing place to be.