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Boulder Beach

What else one needs when along with beach one gets State Forest as well as State Park along with rivers and mountains. Then this place becomes not to be missed spot. At Boulder Beach Caledonia County, the nature is as its best.

It is advisable for the visitors to come on this beach, come with an intention to stay for atleast 2 to 3 days. With this you will able to enjoy and savor the beauty of this place. Popular summer vacation destination but still comparatively less crowded shoreline.

The choppy waters are still good for swimming and boating. The beach is the good place to relax on the beach after swimming. If you are not interested in spending whole day on the beach, then there are limitless options around Boulder beach. One cannot afford to miss Little Deer Mountain which has whole lot of natural beauty.

Groton State Forest is right next door to Boulder Beach. It will be the most interesting place for nature enthusiasts and true fun to explore the place. The hiking trails of Groton State Forest are not to be missed. How can we forget Groton Pond Dam and Boulder Beach State Park which are equally interesting and worth visiting places.

Its all fun to be here with so much to do and enjoy.