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Crystal Lake Beach

Vermont's Northeast Kingdom is known for its fabulous waterbodies and one of them is the Crystal Lake. Its is clear and deep glacial lake and is surrounded by smaller mountains. The lake is around three miles long and a mile wide and almost a mile of shoreline which is termed as the beach.

There is no dearth of attractions in and around the lake but the most visited one is the beach. In short it is the main reason for the people visit this place.

The best time to go on the beach is from June to August. But people are seen on this beach year round. There are several beaches in this area but Crystal Lake Beach is the first choice of the people. This beach is quite extensive and is never found crowded like the other beaches.

For swimming in the water there designated swimming areas. But no lifeguards on duty, so one has to swim at their own risk. It is the perfect place to launch kayaks and canoes. This gives you an opportunity to explore all the areas of the lake in and out.

Near the beach is the large historic granite bath house which has changing rooms, bathrooms and concession stand for your convenience. It is quite an attraction for the tourists for it is a massive structure with unique architectural design.

Just close to the beach is an grassy area were 40 free standing charcoal grills, almost 80 picnic tables, lots of parking space, and rental boats and canoes are available.