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Southwest Cove

The Lake Willoughby is the famous and most beautiful lake in Vermont. Along with its beauty the lake is well known for its beaches and and outdoor activities it offers. It is nestled between Mt. Hor and Mt Pisgah and has crystal clear water and public beaches at the north and south end. When on the beaches of Lake Willoughby, people do not miss to explore the nearby areas which add to more fun and enjoyment.

The beach on the South end of the lake is famous as a nude beach from the quarter century. The Southwest Cove nude beach has been listed in nudist guides and on websites. It is a beautiful beach and in summers the place is thronged by nude and non-nude people. This clothing optional beach has many options for enjoyment and excitement.

We come across people swimming in the waters, some are soaking themselves in the sun, while others are seen paddled canoes or simply relaxing on the beach chairs. For more adventrous people there is boating, windsurfing and scuba diving. Also it is a great spot for fishing. When you are done with all the beach activities just come out and do some mountain biking, bicycling, hiking, nature walks, wild flowers birding, leaf peeping on the nearby mountains.

There are ample accommodation facility just near the shoreline along with campgrounds cottages and restaurants.