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Green Mountain National Forest

This remains one of only two nationally recognized lands in the Northeast United States and the largest in the state of Vermont. It is an age-old park, highlighted by rugged, pristine wildlife and expansive, untouched terrain.

Established in 1932, the park has a diverse history, part of that coming in the form of conservationism. Of course, today, government owned and maintained land is not uncommon, there are many national parks, trails, and refuges. But at this point, there were not, and the government had to sort of blaze the trail in order to protect the land. Since then, Green Mountain has been at the forefront of conservation efforts, opening public eyes and changing the way people think about nature and its importance. Over 800,000 acres in northern Vermont provide a portal into a beautiful and adventurous natural world.

The ecosystems that were once threatened now remain safe and prosperous for native plants and species. Green Mountain offers a variety of settings that change drastically with the seasons, and several ways to take them all in.