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Assateague Island National Seashore

Assateaugue Island a Native American name which means 'A Running Stream Between' is a shifting barrier island along the Atlantic Coast of Maryland and Virginia. The vast shoreline of 37 miles covers both Virginia and Maryland. Visitors have full scope of enjoyment on the nineteen miles of wild shore.

The white sand beaches are apt for worshippers of sun and sea were they can indulge themselves in sunbathing, beachcombing, hiking, camping, rollerblading, bicycling and other bayside recreation. The latest attraction on the island is the bike bridge that runs parallel to the the main bridge. The bridge serves two purposes, one being the bike ridge and other as as the observation post to get the elevated view of the island.

It is always a high time for swimmers and surfers who are delighted by the playful waves of Atlantic Ocean. It is the perfect destination with forest, dunes beach and bay for nature enthusiast and beach lovers.

The white sandy beach is the main attraction apart from the Assateague National Park and Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. Visitors according to their whims and fancies relax or choose to stroll. A north beach is recognized as the nude beach. This clothing optional section once a very popular nude beach of Virginia is no more an officially recognized beach. Those interested has to limit the nudity to the north beach as the laws of the area are stringent.

The feral horses are seen roaming around freely. It is remarkable to see them well adapted to the life of sand, salt and wind. The migratory shorebirds are seen here in abundance. Every year around 320 species of birds are spotted on Assateague.

The events are also one of the reason to be here on this island, Fireman Carnival, Pony Swim And Auction, Oyster Festival, Easter Decoy and Art Festival are celebrated here with great pomp and show. Modern lodging, night clubs and plenty of restaurants compliment the plethora of recreational activities. A wonderful place for spending your vacations.