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Cape Charles Beach

Cape Charles beach lies in the southernmost point of Virginia's eastern shore. The beach access point are through two wooden walkover that are close to the Randolph and Tazewell Avenues. One can also choose the path of Town's Fun Pier. The paved walkway of the beach has several park benches and pavilion for the visitors to relax and enjoy the nature's bounty.

This free beach offers peaceful and serene atmosphere ideal for the families. The best part is the clean and refreshing shallow water of the Chesapeake Bay with no waves makes it safe for the children to enjoy and have safe fun in the water.

Despite being in the small quaint town the beach is truly an upcoming vacation destination with several beach activities and water sports. Fishing, boating, canoeing, kayaking, beach combing, biking, golfing and scooter rentals are some of the favorite activities of those coming on the beach. For some nature walking, bird watching, or just relaxing on the beach gives them pleasure.

Serious golfers can enjoy golfing at the beautiful golf courses along the Plantation Creek and Chesapeake Bay. Take the opportunity to see the different hues of setting sun on the beach, which at time looks hazy pink or blue and most of the time looks golden or fiery orange.

Make it a point to visit Kiptopeke State Park for birding and nature study. One can visit the park's bird banding station during September and October. Life in Cape Charles town seems to have come to a stand still. The beach is not so crowded and the place is still untouched by the commercial enterprises but shops that sells antiques.

There are several decent accommodations in the form of inn and bread & breakfast that makes your stay here a pleasure with small but good restaurants close by. In all being here gives you an entirely different feeling.