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Ocean View Beach

Some beaches are purely family friendly and Ocean View Beach is one of them. Norfolk a small resort community in Virginia were the Ocean View Beach & Park resides. Ocean View Beach is just 15 miles from West Virginia and stretches 8 miles along the Chesapeake bay.

The Chesapeake bay gently laps the Ocean View Beach with its azure waters making it ideal for several activities and safe for children's play. The beach is well complimented by Ocean View Beach park a must visit place for one and all.

The water sports are the main attraction in the park which is evident from the water sports shop that rents jet skis, paddle boats, sailboats and other accessories. When on the beach relaxing on , swimming or taking a stroll forms favorite activities.

Family gatherings are common here. Children along with their parents building sand castles or collecting seashells are common sights along the coast. The beach is well maintained with lifeguards on duty for the safety and security of the visitors. The park is spacious so no chance of getting overcrowded, for the visitors convenience there are picnic tables, a bathhouse and a pretty looking gazebo.

Boardwalk is the integral part of the beach were people can take casual long walks and enjoy the amazing view of the surface ships and submarines from the naval organization which is close by. The event that takes place in the park with the onset of summer makes the whole atmosphere of the park lively and welcoming. The Ocean View beach Festival that lasts for three days is famous for its live music dance, events for children, carnival, exhibits of art and craft and activities that are performed on the beach.

Being here is total fun as you enjoy all the beach activities, whether it is jet skiing, relaxing on the sand or playing with the kids.