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The Washington Heritage Trail

Located just a short trip by car or train from Washington, DC, Baltimore, Maryland, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Harper's Ferry National Historic Park in West Virginia and the Washington Heritage Trail, the best way to experience the scenic and historic wonder of West Virginia's beautiful eastern panhandle.

The Washington Heritage Trail passes through 5 enchanting 18th-century towns and traverses the surrounding wilderness. This is a long-time favorite West Virginia vacation destination for family getaways and couples on romantic weekends.

A number of self-guided tours allow visitors to discover places where George Washington slept, visit America's 1st warm springs spa and learn about the area's Civil War past. Within the Harpers Ferry National Park are many excellent museums that chronicle the area's struggle for African-American freedom, such as the John Brown Museum and Fort, The Storer College Museum, and the Black Voices Museum; the Harpers Ferry African-American History Tour is the perfect way to learn more about our nation's trouble past.