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Alki Beach

Washington’s Alki Beach is a 2-mile stretch of urban beach within the limits of Seattle, Washington. Thanks to its Washington mountains scenery and the clear waters that make it the one the best Washington beaches for scuba-diving, Alki beach is an extremely popular recreation destination.

Divers will have a ball at Alki Beach. The average visibility ranges from around 30 feet in the summer and nearly 100 in the winter, with a year-round temperature of between 42 and 45 degrees. Divers can enjoy underwater photography, wreck-diving, marine life observation and explore the areas coves, like the 2 near the adjacent Seacrest Marina.

For those who choose to stay above the water-line there are all manner of pastimes on Alki’s sandy beaches, from sun-bathing to sand-castle building. Since Alki Beach is with shouting distance of all the great, big-city amenities of Seattle, there’s something for everyone in the Alki Beach area.