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Hilldale Shopping Center

Hilldale Shopping Center, also known locally as Hilldale, is a partially enclosed shopping mall in Madison, Wisconsin. Originally opened in October 1962, Hilldale has two anchor stores, Macy's and Metcalfe's Supermarket, the Sundance 608 movie theaters, and over 50 specialty stores as of May 2011. The mall has struck controversy among locals for being too congested and overdeveloped.

Hilldale Shopping Center was initially developed as part of the Hill Farms Neighborhood in Madison. In the early 1950s the University of Wisconsin–Madison Board of Regents formed a plan to sell 600 acres (2.4 km2) of University Hill Farms land (which was used by the School of Agriculture) to an expanding city of Madison. As part of the development plan, Kelab Inc. was formed in 1958 to direct the operation of the 33-acre (130,000 m2) shopping center. Construction was delayed in 1960 when Glendale Development brought suit against the Board of Regents, Kelab Inc. and Hilldale Inc., blocking construction until the United States Supreme Court refused to review the suit in 1961.

After the legal issues were resolved, Hilldale opened on October 25, 1962, with a Gimbels anchor store. In 1986 the Gimbels store was converted to a Marshall Field's, which was subsequently rebranded as a Macy's in 2006. Hilldale underwent expansion in 1969, then again in 1985, and was renovated in 1997.