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Jenny Lake

Jenny Lake is a very one in Wyoming which lies in the east of Teton Range in Grand Teton National Park. The lake has been formed from the glaciers which is 260 feet deep, about a mile long and and two miles wide. The shores and bottom of lake are not muddy making the water clean and clear.

It feels pleasant to be on the lake shore which has a mix of coarse sand, gravel and tumbled rock. In hot summer the cool water is simply amazing for swimming and relaxing on the beach. The lake provides beautiful mountain view and loads of activities. Boating, fishing, swimming, plenty of hiking trails, canoeing, camping and picnic spots.

Its is a good place to spend a day with the family, camping facility is also available on the southern shore which features bathrooms, small store and places to slip in along the beach. The lake Jenny is inside the Grand Teton National park and to get there one has to pay the entry fees.

The lake is famous for the boat tours and other adventure tours. For boat tours and shuttle boats the tickets are available at the visitor center. However the most enjoyable one is the evening boat tour. People coming on this lake find all the activities alluring and simply amazing.