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Tips For Flying With A Baby

You don’t need to have flown with your own infant to know that it can be a difficult experience. Those flying with their baby for the first time (or still recovering from a previous trip flying with children) are right to feel some trepidation. But following some of these tips for flying with baby can make the flight a little easier for everyone involved.
  • Don’t worry about annoying other passengers: they’ll be annoyed anyway and your priority should be making your baby and yourself comfortable.
  • Arrive early: sounds like a no-brainer; you should always arrive early when flying, but you can hardly arrive early enough when a baby’s involved.
  • Aim for legroom: cramped seats are tough on passengers with babies and all that baby travel gear, so the extra space in bulkhead seats makes a big difference.
  • Sucking helps baby with pressure changes: sucking a bottle or pacifier will help babies deal with the discomfort of “popping” ears.
  • Airplane travel seats: just like car seats, these keep baby safe and comfortable and out of your lap.
  • A baby old enough to crawl won’t sit in your lap: at least not for an entire flight; better it should squirm in its own baby seat.
  • Bring that blanket: or stuffed frog, or teething ring, or whatever comfort item that can help keep your baby calm and occupied; every little bit helps.
  • Dress baby in layers: airplane temperatures fluctuate and babies spill things, so being able to peel you baby’s clothing like and onion is very useful.
  • Get baby used to cold food: heating things up on an airplane isn’t always possible and is rarely efficient.
  • Place a moratorium on potty training: if your toddler is still prone to accidents, a diaper might be less stressful than racing to the restroom.
  • Baby specific amenities: certain airlines have baby-friendly services, like special seats for little ones, baby meals, etc., but these must be arranged in advance, so don’t forget to ask when purchasing your tickets.