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Automobile Emergency Kit

It’s never a bad idea to plan for the worst. With a proper car emergency kit repair is possible, survival aided, problems solved and bigger trouble avoided. No substantial trip by automobile should skimp on an emergency roadside kit, and no car emergency kit should skimp on certain items listed below. It isn’t vital that every item is present in highway emergency kits, but it can’t hurt to have as many as possible.
  • 1st Aid Kit: get the top of the line; this is the most important piece.
  • Jumper or Booster Cables: this is a must have in case of dead batteries.
  • Spare Fuses: it’s a good idea to have ½ a dozen of these.
  • Flashlight: always useful; get a good, bright, reliable model.
  • Batteries: unless your flashlight runs on gasoline or something.
  • Tire Inflator: you should have this as well as a jack and a spare.
  • Safety Vest: reflective and stylish when changing tires on nighttime roadsides.
  • Flares: be careful with these, and hope you never need them.
  • PVC Tape: it can’t fix everything…just nearly everything.
  • Screw Drivers: Phillips and flathead, or a two-in-one.
  • “Call Tow” Banner: the next best thing to a fully charged cell-phone.
  • Rain Gear: a poncho, tarp or slicker keeps you dry whilst you work.
  • Towel: because greasy hands are slippery hands are dangerous hands