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Travel Insurance Basics

Traveling with one’s pets can present a number of unique challenges, but one of the easier conundrums to face is what kid of pet carrier to choose. As long as the safety, comfort and general well being of the animal is kept in mind, there are only a few options one needs to consider when selecting a pet travel carrier.
  • Design: the pet carrier should be stable, well ventilated and sturdy, with reliable locking mechanisms, with the proper attachments for food and water bowls.
  • Size: Obviously the size of your pet is the major factor in choosing the size of the pet carrier; your pet shouldn’t be cramped, but neither should they have enough room to slide around in, which can cause injuries.
  • Material: soft pet carriers, like canvas pet carriers, are okay for short trips with small dogs and cats, but they’re hard to clean and have no shell to provide protection for the pet; quality plastic is safe and cleanable, though possibly bulky.
  • Mode of Travel: airline approved pet carriers have regulations in regard to size, and those traveling in a car need to consider how to load and travel with the carrier safely; hard pet carriers of large sizes should be strapped down carefully.